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4th Grade Reading & Language Arts
Due Date: 9/29/2017
Subject: Reading

Fourth Grade Reading and Language Arts

Week of September 25-29, 2017


1.    bunch

2.    fruit

3.    crumb

4.    crew

5.    tune

6.    juice

7.    refuse

8.    truth

9.    young

10. argue

11. clue

12. trunk

13. amuse

14. suit

15. rude

16. trust

17. dew

18. stuck

19. rescue

20. brush



1.    scolding – to find fault with angrily ; to reprimand

2.    detour – a long or roundabout route taken to avoid something

3.    barreling – 1. to move fast without paying attention to surroundings 2. To put things in a

                   barrel (container)

4.    attention – to take notice of ; to become aware of

5.    propeller - A machine (looks like a fan) that pushes a vehicle (ship or airpnae) through air or


6.    flustered – make someone agitated or confused

7.    abandoned – deserted; cast off ; left alone

8.    handkerchief – a square of cotton or other material, typically carried in one's pocket and

                           intended for blowing or wiping one's nose.

Other skills we are covering:

*Author’s Purpose: (PIE) Persuade, Inform, Entertain

*Prefixes & Suffixes ; Adjectives & Homophones

*Making Inferences, Drawing Conclusions, & Context Clues

* Cause and Effect


Monday Night (Due Tuesday, September 26): Write the Spelling Words in Alphabetical Order

Tuesday night (Dues Wednesday, September 27: Create a sentence for each vocabulary word

Wednesday night (Due Thursday, September 28): To Be Announced

Thursday night: Study for Vocabulary and Spelling Tests which will be on Friday, September 29

***We will begin the novel Shiloh***

Social Studies / History - Third Grade
Due Date: 9/29/2017
Subject: Social Studies

We will continue to study the Contributions of Ancient Greece: architecutre, art, government, and sports.


A study guide has been sent home. Please study it each night and bring it to school every day.

Test: Friday, September 29