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Social Studies / History - Third Grade
Due Date: 1/19/2018
Subject: Social Studies

We will begin studying Economics

Focus: Part 1 of the Study Guide: Producers, Consumers, Goods Services, and Economic Resources


 A study guide will be sent home. Please study it each night and bring it to school every day.

Test: Friday, January 19










4th Grade Reading & Language Arts
Due Date: 1/16/2018
Subject: Reading


Fourth Grade Reading and Language Arts

Week of January 3 - 16, 2018


1.    tiniest

2.    hobbies

3.    copied

4.    countries

5.    pitied

6.    easier

7.    laziest

8.    families

9.    spied

10. happiest

11. ladies

12. friendlier

13. studied

14. busier

15. breezier             

16. prettiest

17. noisier

18. healthier

19. butterflies

20. funniest



1.    individual –  1. single (one); separate ; 2. A single human being ; a particular person

2.    conference a formal meeting for discussion ; conversation

3.    abruptly – stopping or changing suddenly or quickly

4.    rebellion – resisting or disobeying authority, government, or one in control

5.    occasional – occurring or done infrequently and irregularly (happening once in a while)

6.    academic – relating to education and scholarship

7.    flecked – marked or dotted with small patches of color

8.    fad – widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived ; a craze


Other skills we are covering:

*Prefixes & Suffixes ; Adjectives & Homophones

*Main Idea & supporting Details

*Making Inferences, Drawing Conclusions, & Context Clues

*Cause and Effect   ;   Fact & Opinion ;   Antonyms and Synonyms

*Types of Media



 Thursday Night (Due Friday, January 12): Write the Spelling Words in Alphabetical Order                            

 Friday Night (Due Monday, January 15): Create a sentence for each vocabulary word


 Monday night: Study for Vocabulary and Spelling Tests which will be on Tuesday, January 16

          ***We will continue the novel Frindle ***


Science - Third Grade
Due Date: 1/16/2018
Subject: Science

We will continue to study Unit 7: Weather & the Water Cycle

Focus: Lesson 1  - The Water Cycle


A study guide has been sent home. Please study it each night and bring it to school every day.

Test: Tuesday, January 16