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January 10-19
Due Date: 1/19/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Grade four and five (five after four)

Grade Four: 

Reading:  Summarizing-review

Students will read/discuss passages in class.   Open book tests at least 2 times weekly.


We will begin new novel, SUPER FUDGE.  We will read/discuss, summarize, work on vocabulary in class.



Identify and correct sentence fragments and do daily editing exercises.

Write to express using vivid details

Spelling: syllables (VCV)

event, humor, rapid, music, relief, planet, detail, unite, frozen, figure, siren, polite, hotel, protest, punish, defend, relay, habit, student, moment, omit, vivid, revise, similar, delete   TEST Friday, January 19.


Grade Five:

Reading:  Daily warm-up passages/questions

Read smaller passages to stay familiar with reading skills/application.

Grammar-Continue 8 parts of speech study.  Test 1-19

Writing:  Begin Research project.  Write to inform.


noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, interjection, preposition, research, organize, edit, revise, publish, omit, delete, describe, comma, vivid, inform, alternate  TEST 1-19