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May 21-25
Due Date: 5/25/2018
Subject: Reading

Second Grade Assignment Sheet

May 21-June 1


Reading Story: A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. ( p. 340-357)

Genre: Biography

Target Skill SOL 2.9: Main Idea


Vocabulary SOL 2.7b: Students will be responsible for recognizing the word as well as its definition.

1.     demanding – asking for forcefully

2.     arrested – to hold by authority of law

3.     fair – not favoring one more than another

4.     section – a part

5.     laws – a rule made by a government

6.     content – what is in something

7.     graduated – to finish school

8.     prejudice – unfair treatment of a group of people


Phonics SOL 2.5: Review three letter blends;Infectional and Comparative Endings; Suffix –er and -ness



1.     straw

2.     split

3.     scrape

4.     stretch

5.     splash

6.     scream

7.     sprawl

8.     sprout

9.     strange

10. scratch

11. strength

12. spry

13. screen

14. splurge

15. strawberry


Language Arts SOL 2.5;2.6;2.7: Review capitalization and punctuation; Review common nouns, proper nouns, action verbs, antonyms, synonyms, compound words, contractions, and the parts of a sentence – subject and predicate (verb)- Review all skills


Math: Review All Skills


Science:   Review all skills


Social Studies:   Review all skills