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January 10-17
Due Date: 1/19/2018
Subject: Reading

Second Grade Assignment Sheet


Out and About at City Hall


Date:Jan 8-12 (as of now)




Reading Story: Out and About at City Hall (pg 362-383)


Genre: Expository Text; Nonfiction


Target Skill SOL 2.9: Drawing Conclusions- When drawing conclusions have your child think about what he or she has read, think about what he/she knows, then decide what happens in the story. Ask questions using why and what. Examples: Why did the character feel a certain way? What was the noise?




Vocabulary SOL 2.7: Students will be responsible for recognizing the word and definition.




1. taxes-n-money that people or businesses must pay to support the government.


2. council-n-A group of people who make decisions for a larger group.


3. cashier-n- A person in charge of paying out or receiving money.


4. elect-v-To choose by voting.


5. routes-n-A road or other course used for traveling.


6. mayor-n-The person who is the head of a city or town government.




Phonics SOL 2.4: Long u spelled _ew, _ue, u, u_e




Spelling: Test will be given on Friday, Jan 12th (as of now).




1. cue


2. hue


3. few


4. music


5. pure


6. value


7. mew


8. cute


9. human


10. rescue


11. fury


12. confuse


13. view


14. skew


15. argue




Language Arts Capitalization of days, months, city and state; Continue identifying and using adjectives in sentences to describe nouns; Continue writing complete sentences (SOL 2.12); Commas (2.6); Subject/Verb Agreement-Singular/Plural




Math: Money SOL 2.10a, b : The student will count and compare a collection of coins whose total value is $2.00. The student will determine the value of a collection of coins and one dollar bills whose total value is $2.00 or less. The student will compare two sets of coins using greater than >, less than >, and equal to =. The student will also correctly use the cent symbol (c), dollar symbol ($), and the decimal point (.) to write the value of money which is $2.00 or less.