Tester, Ruth Principal
Reece, Cammy Guidance

Adams, Valerie 2nd Grade
Addair, Patricia Special Education
Ashby, Charlotte 6th Grade
Ashby, Lora 2nd Grade
Blankenship, Charlease 3rd Grade
Blankenship, Kathy Technology
Christian, Dustin 5th & 6th Grade
Clifton, Anthony 4th and 5th Math
Clifton, Leanne Kindergarten
Daniels, Katy Physical Education
Dotson, Judy 5th Grade
Dotson, Lisa 6th and 7th Grade
Dotson, Tommy Teacher
Estep, Sue 1st Grade
Foster, Amber Librarian
Gibbs, Mable 7th Grade Math
Horne, Lee Anna 4th Grade and 5th Grade
Justice, Andrea 6th Grade
Justus, Erica 2nd Grade
Justus, Vanessa 3rd Grade
Layne, Codi Kindergarten
Lester, Jennifer 1st Grade
McClanahan, Adam Science
Potter, Holly 1st Grade
Potter, Vicki 7th Grade
Rife, Angie Special Education
Stacy, Nathan Science
Tester, Amy Kindergarten
Tester, Ruth Principal
Tester, Sherah Pre-K

Jackson, Della Bookkeeper
Lester, Gail Secretary
Mullins, Stephanie School Nurse
Rose, Casey Technology